Are you interested in purchasing a home?  Let us help you navigate the home buying process.

Buying a home can be a complicated process, but our team of dedicated REALTORS® is committed to simplifying thing for you.  If you are considering buying a home, the first step for is to figure out what you can afford. If you take the time to get pre-approved, you can determine your budget and tailor your search accordingly.  It also will enable you to act quickly in a competitive market.


The Beginning

Let’s be honest there are a lot of steps and seemingly complicated decisions in deciding to purchase a home.  If you have not done it before it can seem very daunting. Here is some information to help you along the way.

1st Time Homebuyer’s Guide

Basic information for those who have not purchased a home before.

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It is a good idea to understand the financing before you start looking at homes to buy.  Knowing your price range will help you shop for homes you know you can afford. Also if you find one that you would like to write an offer on, by doing the financing ahead of time, you will be ready to write!

Mortgage Info

7 Reasons to Work with a REALTORS®

Why would you use a REALTORS® to purchase a home?  Here are some reasons.

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Buyer’s Agency Agreement

If you decide to work with T.R. McKenzie Inc., and you want someone to act in your best interest, we will need a Buyer’s Agency Agreement.  Review it ahead of time to be prepared.

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School District Information

DPI Report Cards

Preferred Lenders


The Offer

You have gotten your pre-approval, and you have signed a Buyer’s Agency Agreement with an agent.  Time to go look at some properties! Once you find one you would like to write an offer on, the below information can help you.

Offers to Purchase

It’s a REALTORS® job to help their clients execute contracts and fill in blanks. The more prepared a buyer is, the better. Below are examples of a couple different offers to purchase based on property types. By reviewing these ahead of time, it will help the buyer be prepared when working with their agent to fill the forms out.

Residential Offer to PurchaseExplaining Offer to Purchase
Condo Offer to PurchaseVacant Land Offer to Purchase

The Move

Congratulations, you have purchased a property! Follow the below steps to make for a smooth transition.

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Home Buyer Program

If your ready to buy a home – we can help! Our exclusive Home Buyer Program lets current residents out of their lease at no cost.

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Short Term Leasing

One of the hardest parts of moving from one home to another is coordinating closing dates. We launched the short term lease program in order to give buyers and sellers a temporary place to stay if they use our REALTORS® to sell their existing home and also purchase a new home.