As you may have noticed it is starting to get brisk outside! For those of you who are looking for fitness experiences year round we have a list of our top 5 favorite indoor fitness experiences throughout Madison:


1)      Dragonfly Hot Yoga:

End of Summer Fitness 1

Whether it is yoga or cardio fitness classes that you prefer, you should try it in a heated room at one of the Dragonfly locations here in Madison! Visit their website for more information on class schedules-

2)      Pulse Kettle bell and TRX training:

End of Summer Fitness 2 

The new craze of kettle bell and TRX training courses is hitting the Madison fitness scene. For a new style of strengthening check out their Middleton studio! They also offer a very relaxing yoga class in a candlelit room. Check out their website for the class schedule and details of classes offered-

3)      Cycling Classes at Cyc Fitness:

End of Summer Fitness 3

Looking for an upbeat cardio exercise that activates every muscle in your body? Try a class at Cyc Fitness where they are now offering classes throughout the week for all different levels. View their class schedule and learn more about their method at

4) Barre3:

End of Summer Fitness 4

A combination of ballet, Pilates and yoga, Barre3 offers a great fitness experience which involves movements that are centered on balance, strength and flexibility. For more information go to

4)      Jules Pilates:

End of Summer Fitness 5

Using innovative equipment this studio offers Pilates classes focusing on strengthening through a new form of movement. For more details about the classes offered visit


Written By: LeighAnn Cook