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Our Mission and Values

T.R. McKenzie Mission

Why do we exist?

Our mission is to eliminate barriers and provide opportunities for growth through real estate.

Our Core Values

How do we behave?

Hard Working
Our team is motivated to succeed and willing to work hard to build longevity and success within our business. We set intentional goals and work hard to achieve them, creating success for our company and staying ahead of the competition.

Being humble creates an environment that welcomes new ideas and perspectives, leading to growth and innovation. It reduces conflicts and encourages teamwork, leading to better decision-making and problem-solving. Humility can improve relationships with customers, partners, and employees by showing a genuine desire to learn, adapt, and improve.

We feel honesty is essential in business. It builds trust, safeguards reputation, and cultivates a culture of integrity. Honesty throughout our company’s business practices helps us establish loyal clients, business partners, and employees so we can be reliable and consistent for our customers.

Business Definition

What do we do?

We broker, develop, construct, and manage real estate to support growth throughout our local community.

Strategic Anchors

How will we succeed?

Prioritizing our employees well-being and growth, leads to higher satisfaction, engagement, and productivity at T.R. McKenzie. It also attracts top talent, reduces turnover, and creates a stable work environment. Our people-centric approach also applies to our customers. We listen to the needs of our customers, create solutions that work for them. This builds customer loyalty and satisfaction, which ultimately drives our growth and success.

Quality Brand Reputation
We’ve built the T.R. McKenzie brand to represent customer loyalty, trust, hard work, and growth opportunities. Prioritizing the customer experience and striving for excellence in every aspect of the business is crucial to creating a reputable brand that customers can rely on and recommend.

Exceptional Workforce
We take pride in our employees and have built an incredible staff of knowledgeable professionals. By clearly defining job roles and responsibilities and finding people who will excel in their positions, we create a workforce focused on long-term growth. We provide ongoing training and development opportunities, adequate support and resources, and regular feedback, we can cultivate an environment of success for the business and individuals.

Strategic Objectives

What is important to us?

Continually define and refine standard operating procedures.

Alignment and team building.

Staff empowerment.