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Celebrating 20 Years of T.R. McKenzie Inc.

By October 4, 2023No Comments

Celebrating 20 Years of T.R. McKenzie Inc.

Early September 2003 T.R. McKenzie, Inc was officially created. While Tim McKenzie had been a partner of The McKenzie Company for many years prior, he felt it was time to branch off and create his own company. Shortly before creating TRM, he built Stone Creek (doing the first building himself and then hiring Scott Alt in 1999, who would remain our construction manager until 2014). Over the next 10 years, they, along with the growing team, would go on to build and develop Shadow Creek, Silverstone, Aspen Hill, Aspen Ridge, Stone Creek Gardens, Hawks Ridge Estates, and Hawks Meadow housing developments, along with several single-family homes, condos, and duplexes, and finalizing the development and land deal where Ten35 West sits. Tim accomplished so much in his career, and we think he would be thrilled to see how TRM has continued to grow.

On September 25, 2013, Tim passed away from pancreatic cancer. Tim was full of charm, intelligence, kindness, humor, and inspiration. He had well over 1,000 people attend his funeral and we received countless messages and letters describing how he changed people’s lives, gave them an opportunity, was like a father to them, or simply inspired them to live bigger.

After his passing, leadership transitioned to his kids, Alex and Jessie. It was a challenging time, but the company was extremely fortunate to retain many employees in the years after Tim’s passing. Those people made it all possible by providing support, guidance, and grace while we figured out how to move forward and continue to grow and improve the company Tim worked so hard for.

The construction of Ten35 West started in 2014 and gave us all hope for a future full of growth.

In the ten years since Tim’s passing, we have built Ten35 West, Esker, Bear Claw Townhomes, multiple single-family spec homes and personal homes, developed and sold single-family lots in the Willows and Aspen Grove developments, acquired interest in existing properties, and have multiple new developments in the works. Tim’s wife Mary Ann McKenzie also completed construction at Beo Mor Farm, purchased and renovated what is now Four Winds Farm, in addition to being a constant sounding board and advisor to us all.

THANK YOU for 20 incredible years. We look forward to what the future brings for TRM!